Friday, April 19, 2013

My Princess = 마이 프린세스 : Four Stars (or 3?)

We just finished watching My Princess--our third Korean Drama TV series.

I enjoyed the
  • acting (and actors)
  • interactions among characters
  • allusions to Korean history
  • the modern setting
  • the generally wholesome story line found in many Korean TV dramas

So why did I give it only four (and nearly three) stars?

Because of the last episode.

I dislike movies and dramas where the main character "couple" have "chemistry," but aren't serious enough to reconcile by the end of the drama.

We watched the last two (of 16) episodes this evening. All through episode 16 I expected that reconciliation to occur "any time now." It never happened.

That lack of reconciliation is why I gave up on "Smallville," "Moonlighters," and other dramas. Why can't screenwriters learn ...

(P.S. I'm still enjoying studying the Korean language. Perhaps our next KDrama will be better?)