Thursday, March 28, 2013

Secret Garden = 시크릿가든 (秘密花園) : Five Stars

We just finished watching the last three episodes of the Korean drama "Secret Garden" on NetFlix. I heartily recommend it! An incredible love story, it is completely wholesome. ... And what a plot!

You'd better be a fast reader, because the English subtitles go by fast!

No, I don't know Korean, but since starting to watch this series, I've ordered two Korean language study books and the first set of Pimsleur Korean CDs.

From what I've read so far, Korean's word order is almost the same as Japanese: in general: subject, direct-object, verb, with post-positioned particles to identify topics, subjects, direct objects (etc.--I'm still learning). Also, I quite often heard words that sounded almost like Japanese.

We'll see how far I go with Korean.

If I could give six stars, I definitely would! I doubt that this will be our last Korean drama.

Thanks to my daughter-in-law for introducing us to Korean drama!