KDramas Rated

Korean Dramas I've Finished (Rated):

I watched my first [South] Korean Drama on the Ides of March, 2013. Here are some I've watched, with favorites listed first. (Scroll past "Ideas for Possible Future Viewing" and "In Progress" to see those KDramas.)

Ideas for Possible Future Viewing

  • Oh! Youngsim
  • My Lovely Liar

In Progress (1/2/2024)

  • Unlock the Boss

5 Star — The Best

  1. Chicago Typewriter = 시카고 타자기. A Korean-language typewriter in Chicago is the motivation for this fascinating drama that is partly in the present, partly in the 1930's during Japanese occupation. Watched last episode 11 Nov 2017.
  2. Circle = 써클.  An alien comes to earth in 2017.  The first half of each episode is set in 2017, the second half in 2037.
  3. Crash Landing on You = 사랑의 불시착. A woman who heads a large South Korean cosmetics company goes hang gliding near Seoul. A violent storm blows her into North Korea, where she is found by a small squad of North Korean soldiers. Watched final episode 17 Feb 2020. On Netflix.
  4. Designated Survivor: 60 Days = 60일, 지정생존자. The president and legislature of South Korea are killed in an rch, leaving only one person to take over the government for 60 days. It was the ending that gave this KDrama 5 stars. Any other ending would have resulted in 0 stars. Watched last episode on 23 Aug 2019 on Netflix.
  5. Father Is Strange = 아버지가 이상해.  A high school student serves three years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. A man lives under a false identity for 35 years. Loving parents rear a son and three beautiful daughters. A famous actor. You'll see how these fit together in 52 episodes. Extremely well done! My favorite KDrama ever as of 28 Aug 2017 (when I watched episode 52). On Viki.
  6. The Fiery Priest = 열혈사제. A Catholic priest with a mysterious past helps solve the murder of another priest. He cleans up the politics of the town while he's at it. Very inspiring. Watched last (40th) half-hour episode 13 Dec 2019 on Viki.
  7. Ghost Doctor. An arrogant genius surgeon ends up in a coma for three months, during which time he becomes a ghost, interacting with other ghosts in the hospital. Definitely one of most masterful KDramas I've seen. Superb acting by superb actors, using a superb script. The best depiction of ghosts I've ever seen in a KDrama. Finished 26 Feb 2022 on Viki. 
  8. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God = 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비.  A great mythology, great characters (and actors), wide range of emotions, and superb ending. A goblin, grim reapers, ghosts. Watched last (16th) episode 1/21/2017 on DramaFever.
  9. Healer = 힐러. A courier who went by "Healer" fights a crime syndicate while finding his childhood girlfriend. In the process found the murderers of his father and his girlfriend's father. Every episode moved along; happy ending. We watched this one twice. The first time we finished it in early 2015. The second time we finished 23 Jan 2022 on Viki. Superb!
  10. Heard It through the Grapevine = 풍문으로 들었소. Rich son marries poor daughter. Fascinating music, but ran out of gas at the end. 30 episodes.
  11. Hospital Playlist, Season 1. Five doctors (one female and four males) went to medical school together and put together a band. Now they all work in the same hospital. Finished on 28 May 2020 on Netflix. Because it will have another season, I initially gave it only four stars. However, after watching the second season, I decided I liked it well enough for 5 stars.
  12. Hospital Playlist, Season 2. Five doctors (one female and four males) went to medical school together and put together a band. Now they all work in the same hospital. Finished on 16 Sep 2021 on Netflix. Worthwhile!
  13. Hotel del Luna = 호텔 델루나. This started out very slowly (making it end up on my rejects page for at least a month). After reading other's opinions, took it up again. It really picked up in the end. Very complex plot and world building. Watched last episode on 7 Jan 2020.
  14. I'm Not a Robot = 로봇이 아니야.  A wealthy young man, who is allergic to humans, pays to have a robot help in his mansion--except that she isn't a robot (due to technical difficulties). Thinking she is a robot, the man doesn't develop allergies when she touches him. 32 short episldes.  Finished 25 Jan 2018.
  15. King of High School = 고교처세왕. A high schooler fills in for his big brother as a director of a large corporation. Until the last episode or two, this was in line to be at the very top of this list of favorites. Still highly recommended. The first 15 episodes were absolutely entertaining and unpredictable. Finished 11 Aug 2014. On Kdrama.com
  16. Live up to Your Name = 명불허전. A doctor from the Joseon era (400-500 years ago) appears in modern Seoul, where he meets and falls in love with another doctor. The ending made it well worth the time watching it. Finished 18 Jan 2020, on Netflix.
  17. Misaeng (An Incomplete Life)  = 미생 (末生). A Go player with a GED is hired as a 2-year temporary employee by a big company that otherwise hires only college graduates. Riveting. Still trying to figure out the Jason Bourne-like scenes at the beginning of episode 1 and end of episode 20 (the last episode). Originally gave this a 4.5, but I can't get it off my mind. A KDrama like no other.
  18. Miss Hammurabi = 미스 함무라비.  A rookie judge stirs up the court system.
  19. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho = 내 여자친구는 구미호 (我的女友是九尾狐) . Gumihos are foxes with nine tails that look like girls (a cute one in this case). Magical. Great chemistry. 16 episodes. NetFlix.
  20. My Holo Love = 나 홀로 그대. A drama that successfully deals with holographic humans. Might this be the most successful science fictional KDrama story? 12 episodes (perhaps one of the reasons for its success?) on Netfllix. Watched last episode 15 Feb 2020.
  21. Navillera = 나빌레라. A 70-year old retired mail carrier decides to pursue his life-long desire of learning ballet. Although there were several times in this 12-episode series when I was certain it was going to bomb, it ended up among my most satisfying KDramas. Watched last episode 28 Apr 2021 on Netflix. 
  22. Nine: Nine Time Travels = 나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행. More space/time continua than "Back to the Future," ending as unexpectedly as "Sixth Sense." Masterful screen writing; intricate plot; superb directing and acting. Finished 5 Jan 2014.
  23. On the Verge of Insanity. A brilliant developer (who wears plaid shirts) from a lower level of society joins the team led by an incompetent from a higher level of society. The team leader ends up nearly ruining the electronics company because he can't deal with the "plaid shirt guy." The episodes are completely unpredictable. The writers must be competent programmers. (They talk about Python, initializing variables, etc.) Middle-aged workers worry about being laid off. Human Resources challenges, etc. Possibly my favorite KDrama of the year 2021. Finished on 29 Aug 2021. On Viki.
  24. Queen In-hyun's Man = 인현왕후의 남자. Another time-warp series (with multiple space-time continua). A contemporary of the real Queen In-hyun (in the Joseon era) finds himself in a filming of a modern movie about Queen In-hyun. Excellent acting. Great ending. Watched on Viki.com (now advertisement-free with $3.99 monthly charge!). Finished 25 Oct 2013. Watched a second time in early 2018.
  25. Reborn Rich = 재벌집 막내아들. A loyal employee of a chaebol conglomerate is betrayed by the conglomerate. He comes back as rich person (time travel? or is it reincarnation?). All 16 episodes were tightly written, well directed, with superb acting. Watched last episode 29 Dec 2022.
  26. Room No. 9 = 나인룸. A woman falsely imprisoned for 34 years fights for exoneration. Some body switching takes place. Just the right mix of bad and good guys. Finished 27 Nov 2018.
  27. Secret Love Affair = 밀회. A 20-year-old piano prodigy Lee Sun-jae (of lower class heritage) falls in love with his 40-year-old piano teacher. The music is absolutely stunning. Yoo Ah-in (Lee Sun-jae) has obviously had piano training. If you like classical music, you'll like this drama! 16 episodes. Watched last episode 13 May 2014.
  28. Solomon's Perjury = 솔로몬의 위증. A death at a high school is deemed a suicide. ... But the students aren't satisfied. They decide to have their own trial. The truth is uncovered. Many unexpected turns. 12 tightly written episodes. Finished 21 Dec 2018.
  29. Signal = 시그널.  Like Back to the Future, Frequency, and the KDrama 9 Time Travels, this was very tightly written--a real attention holder. We saw the future change as all three main characters died at some time during the series, but ended up alive at the end. Yet there was no resolution [sigh].
  30. Stranger (aka Forest of Secrets) =  비밀의 숲. An honest (and emotionless prosecutor and a female police officer root out root out corruption in the Seoul legal system. 16 episodes on DramaFever. Completed 25 Aug 2017. Completed a second time 2 Aug 2020 on Netflix.
  31. Stranger 2 = 비밀의 숲 2. Second season of Stranger [1]. Completed 4 Oct 2020 on Netflix.
  32. Switch: Change the World = 스위치 – 세상을 바꿔라 (Two men look alike. One is a prosecutor, the other a con man. When the prosecutor is injured, the con man takes his place. Completed 22 May 2018 on Viki.
  33. Train = 트레인. A certain train, at a certain time, in certain weather takes the male lead to an alternate universe. But is that all? 12 episodes with surprises even in the11th and 12th episodes. This drama avoided opportunities to have fewer than 5 stars. In the very end, however, it was ultimately satisfying. Watched last episode 16 Aug 2020 on Viki. 
  34. Twinkling Watermelon. A family in 2023 has two deaf parents, one deaf son, and a hearing-capable son. The son who can hear travels back in time to 1995, where he meets his then teen-age father who can hear. He joins a band called "Twinkling Watermelon," where he plays with his father. I don't want to give spoilers. It's probably the best KDrama I've watched this year. Finished 22 Nov 2023 on Viki.
  35. Witch's Love = 마녀의 사랑.  Three generations of witches have been running a restaurant unnoticed in Seoul. The head of a large company had a traumatic experience as a child, which took place in that restaurant. he finally finds—and buys—that building ... and is smitten by one of the witches. Watched last episode on 31 Aug 2018, on Viki.
  36. You from a Star (aka My Love from the Star) = 별에서 온 그대. An alien who has lived on earth for 400 years falls in love with a Korean actress. Brilliant ending that reconciled seemingly impossible conflicts. Superb screenwriting, acting and plot. 21 episodes. Watched last episode 27 Feb 2014.

4 Star — Good

  1. 1% of Something = 1%의 어떤것.  This 2016 remake of an earlier Kdrama is much better than the earlier one. A young school teacher saves the aging CEO of a large company. The CEO wants his grandson to follow in his footsteps, but he isn't married. He lines up his grandson with the school teacher.
  2. Arang and the Magistrate = 아랑사또전 (阿娘使道傳). Reminded me of Sixth Sense ("I can see dead people.") Became tiring towards the end. The ending left something to be desired. My favorite character was Mu-young, the head ghost reaper.
  3. Are You Human Too? = 너도 인간이니. Forced to leave Korea and go to the Czech Republic, a mother who is also a robotics expert makes a robot that looks exactly like her son back in Korea. When the robot shows up in Korea, it turns out he is better than the real son. Watched last episode 7 Aug 2018 on DramaFever.
  4. Avengers Social Club. Three women and a step-son set out to get revenge. Watched final (12th) episode on YouTube 28 Nov 2022. Found it by subscribing to the Cereal channel.
  5. Bride of the Century = 백년의 신부. It appears that the first wife of the first son of each generation on a wealthy Korean family line dies immediately following her wedding. The fiancée of the oldest son is in luck--another girl looks exactly like her and can take her place.
  6. Champion = 첌피언. A native Korean man, adopted by Americans as a very young child, returns to Korea and wins the arm wrestling championship. Watched 3 Aug 2020 on Viki.
  7. Chief Kim = 김과장. A gang money manager decides to work for a ​_corrupt corporation with the goal of cheating them out of some money and going to live in Denmark. Things change for the better, however.
  8. City Hall = 시티홀. A secretary at city hall runs for mayor. Well, I like this one better than Rooftop Prince. 20 episodes. Watched on DramaFever
  9. City Hunter = 시티헌터. 28 years after some South Korean special forces are murdered, a story of revenge and intrigue. Riveting cliff-hangers at the end of every episode. 24 episodes. My investment of 24+ hours didn't justify the ending. NetFlix.
  10. Coffee Prince = 커피프린스. 17 episodes. DramaFever. A 24-year-old girl poses as a boy to be employed at an all-male coffee shop.
  11. Extra-ordinary You = 어쩌다 발견한 하루. A high school girl with a heart disease wonders why she has memory lapses. She realizes that she is a character in a cartoon—and that others around are also. Fascinating. Watched final episode on Viki on 27 Nov 2019.
  12. Faith = 신의 (信義). 1300's Korea warrior travels to 21st century for a doctor. Paradoxes reministent of Back to the Future. 24 episodes. On DramaFever and Hulu plus.
  13. Feel Good to Die = 죽어도 좋아. An employee tries to reform boss's terrible temper. Like the movie "Groundhog Day" on steroids. Except for the last two episodes, this would have received 5 stars. Watched last episode on 9 Jan 2019.
  14. Five Children = 아이가 다섯 (also known as "Five Enough"). A divorcee with three children and a widower with two meet up and are eventually married. They're very good at coping with family difficulties. 54 episodes (!!)
  15. Ghost (Phantom) = 유령. Two police academy buddies are badly burned in an explosion. One dies; the other is made to look like the dead buddy by plastic surgeons. The survivor brings down a cyber corruption ring. Very tight plot!
  16. I Am Sam = 아이 엠 샘. Sam, a high school teacher, tutors the daughter of a gangster boss. Somehow it works out in the end!
  17. I Hear Your Voice = 너의 목소리가 들려. After a childhood accident, a boy (now a grown teenager) can hear the thoughts of others around him. Superb acting, screen writing and directing from the first minute of episode 1 until the last minute of the final (18th) episode--a stunning accomplishment. Much food for thought throughout. The chemistry between the two leads is electric and ever present. Watched last episode 29 Nov 2013.
  18. Jealousy Incarnate = 질투의 화신.  An SBS news anchor and a weather announcer are part of several love triangles in a very tight plot (not a single "filler" episode among all 24). Superb acting, writing and directing.
  19. Just between Lovers = 그냥 사랑하는 사이.  Trapped together in a mall collapse 10 or more years previously, the two main characters, still with PTSD, become reacquainted  and fall in love. 16 episodes. Finished 1 Feb 2018.
  20. Kill Me, Heal Me = 킬미, 힐미. Man with seven personalities is healed by a psychiatrist who (it turns out) was his childhood girl friend. Superb acting, great plot, wonderful ending. Never a dull moment in this one!
  21. Let's Fight Ghost = 싸우자 귀신아.  A college student guy can see ghosts, both weird and not so weird. Interesting plot. Not for kids. 16 episodes on Dramafever. (Episode 15 was the best.)
  22. Melo Is My Nature = 멜로가 체질. Three women, one of their brothers, and a child live together in an apartment. The women are all involved in television. After getting used to what seemed like slow initial episodes, I got into the "rhythm" of the drama. The final episode was very atypical, yet very satisfying. Finished 2 Nov 201l on Viki.
  23. Memories of  the Alhambra = 알함브라 궁전의 추억. An augmented reality (AR) game centered in the Alhambra, Spain, but also playable on the streets of Seoul (and probably anywhere else?). The AR apparently fails as players end up dying. Although very popular globally, my enthusiasm dropped as my favorite characters died, and as the plot began to drag. Finished 20 Jan 2019 on Netflix.
  24. Miss Granny = 수상한 그녀. Rare Korean movie that I actually liked. (Single episode.)
  25. Miss Korea = 미스코리아. In the last year of high school, she was the girl every boy was in love with. She became an elevator girl at a department store. Her favorite boy graduated from university and started up a cosmetics company. To help the company succeed, he challenged the elevator girl to run for Miss Korea. Finished 27 Nov 2015. On Viki.
  26. Ms. Ma, Nemesis = 미스 마, 복수의 여신. Ms. Ma is jailed after being falsely accused of killing her daughter. She escapes and identifies the real culprits. Patterned after Agatha Christie. Except for the very unsatisfying ending, it could have had 5 stars. Finished 29 Nov 2018 on Viki.
  27. Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi = 욱씨남정기. Reminiscent of Misaeng but with a better ending. Takes place in the office of a small company trying to make it big.
  28. My Fellow Citizens = 국민 여러분. A con man marries a police detective. When then marry, neither one knows what the other does for a "living." Plot moves along throughout. Finished 6 Jun 2019 on Viki.
  29. Oh My Ghostess = 오 나의 귀신님. Possibly the best acting I've seen in a Korean Drama--from all actors, from lead actors down to the last supporting actor. The first half of the final episode was powerfully touching. (Unfortunately, the last half of that episode lost momentum.) All other episodes were superb!
  30. Okay! Madam = 오케이 마담. Motion picture about a seemingly "normal" couple with a young daughter who "win" a free trip to Hawaii. The flight to Oahu is hijacked by terrorists, and we learn that the man and his wife are anything but "normal" as they rescue the passengers. Watched on Viki 5 Dec 2020.
  31. One Spring Night = 봄밤. When a woman on her way to work stops at a pharmacy to make a purchase, she realizes she has forgotten her purse. The pharmacist gives her the merchandise for free, telling her she can pay later. I give it 5 stars; my spouse gives it 3. ... So it gets 4 for now. Watched last episode 10 Jun 2020 on Netflix.
  32. One The Woman. (The Korean Title is identical to Wonder Women). A drama about two chaebol families and some prosecutors. One of the prosecutors (a woman, of course) looks exactly like one of the women in the chaebol families. The first 14 episodes are superb, and very interesting. It was the last two episodes that lost the fifth star. (What were the writers thinking? They missed so many obvious alternate endings.) Watched last episode 9 Nov 2021 on Viki.
  33. Please Come Back, Mister = 돌아와요 아저씨.  Two men, having just died, are given more time to return (in others' bodies--one of them female) to tie things up. Although over the top at first, the series ended with rock solid episodes. Finished 14 Apr 2016.
  34. A Poem a Day = 시를 잊은 그대에게.  Interactions among some physical therapists, nurses, radiological technologists and trainees in a hospital. Finished 16 May 2018 on DramaFever.
  35. Prosecutor Princess = 검사 프린세스. Reminiscent of "Legally Blonde." 16 episodes. DramaFever. Nice surprises.
  36. Protect the Boss = 보스를 지켜라. Great at first, slowing towards the end. All lived happily ever after. 18 episodes. On Viki. Watched last episode 10 Mar 2014.
  37. Reply 1988 = 응답하라 1988. The first 18 episodes of this 20-episode KDrama were absolutely fantastic—much better than five stars. Unfortunately, the final 1–2 episodes were a gigantic crash-and-burn flop, ... so it gets only four stars. The drama is about 5 high school friends (four boys and a girl) who have been friends since childhood and do everything together. When it appears that one of the boys is developing chemistry with the girl, it turns out that he like her older sister. The climax of the series is when those two get married. Unfortunately, the real climax should have been when the girl of the group of five marries an international champion Go player. ... But the 20 90-minute-plus episodes came to an end with two boring episodes of nothingness. Finished watching 17 May 2020 on Viki.
  38. Reply 1994. Probably my favorite Reply KDrama. There was only one glaring oversight, in my opinion. A few episodes from the end, the parents that ran a boarding house had a baby son. Yet, during the remainder of the episodes, that child was seldom seen in the drama. That is too unrealistic for words. Watched last (21st) episode on 8 Nov 2020, on Viki.
  39. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim = 낭만닥터 김사부.  Forced to leave a Seoul hospital years earlier, a skilled surgeon winds up in a rural hospital. Riveting except for the last (20th) episode--or so I thought until I noticed an extra episode the following day.  Finished 17 Jan 2017.
  40. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. A saguk drama in which four women become the first female historians among a larger group of male historians. Finished final (20th) episode on 26 Sep 2019. Netflix.
  41. Run On. About a runner (athlete) and his girlfriend who translates for movies. Also about a painter (artist) who is still a student (in college?) and a sometimes girlfriend who runs an agency for athletes. As it approached the final (16th) episode, I thought it would crash and burn. However, I ended up liking the ending, even though it wasn't the standard "happy ending." Watched last episode on Netflix 4 Feb 2021.
  42. School 2013 = 학교 2013. Slow for first 11 episodes, then picked up. Became attached to characters' caring for each other at the end. (Really didn't end, however.) 17 episodes.
  43. Secret Garden = 시크릿가든 (秘密花園). The spirits of a guy and a girl end up in the other person's body. (Watch to find out what else happens.) Resolved nicely at the end. 20 episodes (each episode 61-65 minutes). NetFlix.
  44. Six Flying Dragons = 육룡이 나르샤. Before watching this I vowed never to watch a KDrama of more than 20 episodes. Hearing great recommendations about this, however, I decided to watch a few episodes. There wasn't a single boring episode. It's a historical drama about Korea in the late 1300's as it was transforming to Joseon. Finished 1 Oct 2016.
  45. Splash Splash Love = 퐁당퐁당 LOVE. Almost too short to rate (only 2 episodes). A high school student steps in a puddle and finds herself in Joseon at the time of King Sejong (?). She inspires him to create Hangul, teaches him math, etc. Could be more than 4? Short and cute.
  46. Spring Turns to Spring = 봄이 오나 봄. Two women (an actress and a news anchor) with confusingly similar names drink some potion that makes then switch bodies periodically when then they itch, then sneeze. The news anchor is Kim Bo Mi (surname Kim, given name Bo Mi) generally referred to as Bo Mi; the actress is Lee Bom (surname Lee, given name Bom, generally referred to as "ee" Bom). Even while watching the final episode, I had to often pause the video to remind myself who's who: ee-bom (the actress) or bom-ee (the news anchor). In spite of a few slow parts, the drama was generally a hoot! Finished 21 Mar 2019 on Viki. (See my blog post that rambles about this ...)
  47. Suits =슈츠. A prestigious lawyer at a prestigious law firm, hires an unlicensed person with a photographic memory to work with him. The interactions were interesting, and the actors were generally believable. There were definitely some plot holes, however. Finished 20 Jun3 2021 on Netflix.
  48. Sungkyunkwan Scandal = 성균관 스캔들 (成均館 스캔들). Joseon-era girl dresses up like a boy to attend Sungkyunkwan University. (Sungkyunkwan is still a prestigious university in Korea.) Engaging from episode 1 through the end (episode 20).  Great ending! Watched on DramaFever.
  49. The Tale of Nokdu = 조선로코-녹두전. Joseon drama about a guy named Nokdu who dresses up as a woman to join a village of widows. Finished 22 Dec 2019 on Viki.
  50. Touch Your Heart = 진심이 닿다.  A famous actress falls out of favor with the public because of a scandal that has no real basis. She has an opportunity to play in new legal drama if she will be a secretary for a real lawyer for three (or is it six?) months. This was definitely fun enough to be given 5 stars, but I'll give it 4 instead. Watched the last episode on Viki 29 Mar 2019.
  51. Tunnel. A detective chases a suspected serial killer into a tunnel. When he exits the tunnel he finds himself 30 years in the future. Very engaging until the last three episodes. Watched the last episode on YouTube 11 Jan 2023.
  52. War of Prosecutors. There are two teams of prosecutors in a small town in southern South Korea. Finished on 28 Nov 2020 on Viki.
  53. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry = 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자. Two female friends in their thirties look for love. A third friend has already given up. One of the two friends marries; the other might, eventually. Required 10 episodes to become interesting. Resolved in last two minutes of final episode. DramaFever.
  54. Your Honor = 친애하는 판시님께. Twin brothers have lived very different lives. One is a judge; the other has been in and out of prison. 32 half-hour episodes. At about episode 18 I was afraid that this might not end well and almost dropped it. I decided to give it a chance by watching the 32nd episode, which seemed to turn out well, so I resumed where I had left off (episode 19?) and watched to the end. Very nice. Watched last episode (for the second time) on 17 Dec 2020. On Viki.

3 Star — Average

  1. #Alive. Bizarre feature film about zombies that infiltrated a section of Seoul. The moral of the story: be sure to have lots of camping supplies. Watched 2 Oct 2020 on Netflix. The best acting I've ever seen from Park Shin-hye.
  2. Another Oh Hae-young = 또! 오해영.  Park Do-kyung is a Foley (motion picture) sound professional who becomes involved with two women named Oh Hae-young. The first half of the series had great chemistry and was headed for 5 stars. Then it was extended from 16 to 18 episodes, and they added far too much filler. Also it became too "honeymoon-before-marriage" for my taste. It crashed and burned at the end.
  3. As One = 코리아. Feature film where table tennis players from North Korea joined players from South Korea in an international table tennis competion. Watched 5 Feb 2018.
  4. Baby Faced Beauty = 동안미녀. A 34-year-old woman pretends to be her 27-year-old sister in a clothing design company.
  5. Bad Family = 불량가족. A bunch of unrelated misfits pretend to be a family to a young girl whose parents have died in a car accident. 16 episodes. DramaFire. In spite of bandwidth problems and a somewhat annoying first two-thirds of the series, the ending was wildly satisfying and very touching. Finished 8 Feb 2014.
  6. The Beauty Inside = 뷰티 인사이드 (motion picture). Starting at age 18, a man wakes up in a different body every time he sleeps. Fascinating. Watched 12/16/2016 on NetFlix.
  7. Bong Soon: A Cyborg in Love = 사랑하면 죽는 여자 봉순이  12 short episodes about a female cyborg and the team that programmed her. The team leader gets Alzheimers.
  8. Business Proposal. 12 episodes about a female company worker who goes on a blind date for one of her friends with a man who ends up being the CEO of the company she works for. Initially with no love, love soon blossoms. The first 10 episodes were 5-star quality. The last two episodes fizzled, relegating this one to 3 stars. Finished 5 Apr 2022 on Netflix.
  9. Chief of Staff, Season 2 = 보좌관2 - 세상을 움직이는 사람들. I didn't watch all 10 episodes. I got tired of the bad guys continually getting away with bad things in episodes 1–3. Instead of abandoning it and giving it one star, I watched the last (10th) episode. I really liked it, and it answered all my questions/concerns. Since it was so good, I gave it 3 stars (even after watching only 4 episodes). Watched 10th episode 28 Jan 2020 on Netflix.
  10. Couple or Trouble (aka Couple Fantasy) = 환상의 커플. A rich hotel heiress has to choose between her uncommunicative husband and the blue-collar man that rescues her and takes care of her when she gets amnesia. On DramaFever and Viki
  11. Dali and Gamjatang. A sophisticated art museum director meets an unsophisticated director of a company that sells gamjatang (a pork dish). Had its good moments. However, the two main leads were separated for a year in episode 16 (the last episode), as chemistry is at its height. Any KDrama that pulls that trick automatically loses 1 star. Episode 17 was a complete waste of my time. Finished 11 Feb 2022 on Viki.
  12. Dalja's Spring = 달자의 봄. 33-year-old career girl meets younger disillusioned former attorney. Unsure how it would end until the very end of the last episode. Had closure! DramaFever. Watched last episode 31 Mar 2014.
  13. Do Do Sol Sol La La Do. A little girl learns to play the piano and grows up. Whenever she plays (whether or not she plays well), her dad stands up and shouts "Bravo." The father dies on her weddings, which causes the ceremony to end abruptly. This drama started out at five stars, but its end was a disappointment (sadly). Watched last episode 26 Nov 2020 on Netflix.
  14. Dr. Champ = 닥터챔프. A new physician blows the whistle on a professor's medical malpractice and is forced to work at a national sports center, treating athletes' injuries. 16 episodes. Finished 8 Nov 2015.
  15. Fall(ing) in Love with Soon Jung aka Falling for Innocence = 순정에 반하다. Female lead Soon Jung's fiancé dies. His heart is transplanted into an obnoxious cutthroat investor. The investor falls in love with Soon Jung. (Remember Return to Me, anyone). Watched final episode 3 Jun 2015.
  16. Flower Boy Ramen Shop = 꽃미남 라면가게. A rich kid falls for his student teacher. Fun. Doesn't drag. 16 episodes. (45-minute episodes.)
  17. 49 Days = 49일. Following death, spirits have 49 days to clear up loose ends before departing to the great beyond. Very engaging. Never a dull moment. Draining. 20 episodes.
  18. A Gentleman's Dignity = 신사의 품격. Four "gentlemen" and four "ladies." (Only one gentleman really was a gentleman.) 21 episodes. (Last is bloopers and commentary.) DramaFever.
  19. Go Ho's Starry Night = 고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에.  20 15-minute episodes about 5 guys that like the same girl in a Korean advertising office. Finished 7 Nov 2016.
  20. Greatest Love = 최고의 사랑. Movie star Dokko Jin says he loves a girl. Very satisfying ending.
  21. Heartstrings = 넌 내게 반했어. Reminds me of the Japanese high school kids I observed in Japan years ago. 15 episodes. NetFlix.
  22. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. A dentist from Seoul goes to live in a small village by the sea. The side characters were probably more interesting than the main couple. Watched last episode 19 Dec 2021.  On Netflix
  23. Hyena = 하이예나. A woman joins an elite law firm and underhandedly steals cases from another top lawyer there. Many of her methods border on being illegal. Watched last episode on 12 Jul 2021. Although it managed to hold my interest, it wasn't particularly uplifting.
  24. I Am = 아이엠.  A robotics engineer leaves a robot with his children and disappears. Watched all six 15-minute episodes on 7 March 2018. 
  25. I Miss You = 보고싶다. Superb acting, directing and screen writing! 21 episodes. Engaging throughout. Very satisfying ending. (Some violence in early episodes.) Watched on DramaFever.
  26. I Remember You (Hello Monster) = 너를 기억해. A psychopath murders parents that treat their children unkindly, turning the children into killers themselves. The writers had no clue how to end a story. No resolution whatever; it just ended after 16 episodes.
  27. I'll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice = 날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요. A young woman returns from Seoul to the village where she grew up. She moves into her aunt's boarding hotel and meets a bookstore owner. She learns surprising things about her mother and dad. 16 episodes on Viki. Finished 24 Apr 2020.
  28. Imaginary Cat = 상상고양이. A cat is the object of affection of an aspiring webtoon creator and a same-aged girl. Gentle, cute, tastefully done. Cat's voice well done. 8 double episodes. (16 short, about 15-minute, episodes.
  29. Into the Ring = 출사표. An annoying 29-year-old woman has struggled her whole life to make ends meet. She manages to get elected to the District Assembly for the money. Finished 2 Oct 2020 on Viki.
  30. IRIS = 아이리스. Two best friends are inducted into the top-secret National Security Agency NSS) by a woman whom they both fall for. It turns out that some members of NSS are also members of the anti-government IRIS organization. If you like Jason Bourne, you'll like this. Spoiler alert: You might be disappointed with the end of the final episode (20).
  31. Kimchi Family = 발효가족. Two sisters run a traditional kimchi restaurant Chunjiin (天地人) after their father with Alzheimers wanders off. Other characters come and go, including one named after Don Quixote (Ki Ho-tae). It was often slow, but was still worth watching. Watched final (24th) episode 23 Sep 2021 on Viki.
  32. King of Dramas aka Lord of Dramas = 드라마의 제왕. A stone-faced director (producer), formerly a legend in producing kdramas, returns five years after having been shunned. He teams up with an inexperienced writer, and they create a wildy successful kdrama. No boring episodes. Great ending. 18 episodes; watched last on 30 Oct 2015.
  33. King 2 Hearts = 더킹 투하츠. About modern (fictional) king of S. Korea and a girl from N. Korea. The two main leads were superb (worth 5 stars). Unfortunately, the plot and the script were severely deficient. Why in the world do writers overlook it when the villain is a known murderer of the king? The last half of the 20-episode series could have been eliminated by arresting the murderer.
  34. Last Scandal of My Life = 내 생애 마지막 스캔들. Two first-love teenagers meet again 20 years later. The woman, divorced, finds herself keeping house for her old flame, now a movie star. 16 episodes. DramaFever. Watched last episode 20 Jan 2014.
  35. Let's Eat = 식샤를 합시다. If you like Korean food, you need to watch this one. It's 16 episodes are mostly stress free.
  36. Lovers in Paris = 파리의 연인. 20 episodes. Two guys fall in love with one girl in Paris ... or do they really? You might find out in the last episode. On Viki. Watched last episode on 4 Jul 2022. (This was a 2004 KDrama. Was it the first to use some common KDrama tropes?).
  37. Lovers in Prague = 프라하의 연인. 18 episodes, the first of which takes place in Prague. Two guys and two girls meet there, then all return to Korea. By the end of the soap opera, they all live happily ever after. Watched a second time; finished 10 Jul 2022.
  38. Man to Man = 맨투맨. A celebrity famous for his roles as super heroes hires a body guard who actually works as  "Ghost" for South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS). 16 episodes on Netflix. Watched last episode on 29 Sep 2017.
  39. Marriage, Not Dating = 연애 말고 결혼. A faked engagement goes on and off, around and around ... and around ... and around. The marriage occurs in the last 5 seconds of the last episode, amidst a tumultuous ceremony. Was this a Korean soap opera? Finished 24 Aug 2014.
  40. The Master's Sun = 주군의 태양. Son of rich parents meets a girl who sees dead people. Excellent until the last two episodes. 17 episodes DramaFever.
  41. The Moon Embracing the Sun = 해를 품은 달. The Sun is the emperor, the Moon is the empress. Good eventually wins over evil. Some violence at the beginning. Another Kim Soo Hyun triumph. Watched last episode 28 Feb 2014.
  42. My Annoying Brother = 형. Movie. Two brothers--one a convict, the other a judo athlete blinded in a competition. Very coarse language. Very moving. Watched 29 Jul 2017 on DramaFever.
  43. My Girl = 마이 걸. A rich single young man hires a young single woman to impersonate his cousin. Very pleasant actors.
  44. My Name is Kim Sam-soon = 내 이름은 김삼순. Kim Sam-soon is 29 years old with no breaks: No college, car, boyfriend...
  45. My Princess = 마이 프린세스. The 16th (final) episode was unable to convincingly resolve the conflict between the two main characters. Except for the final episode, this could have had 5 stars. NetFlix.
  46. My Unfamiliar Family = (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다. A father who drives trucks but can't communicate, a mother who can't communicate, and three non-communicative children try to learn what it means to be a family, and how to familiarize themselves with each other. Finished on Viki 4 Sep 2020.
  47. Mystic Pop-up Bar = 쌍갑포차. A special tent-like (canvas?) bar mysteriously appears and disappears, generally at night. The living and the dead both visit the bar. Up until the last half of the last (12th) episode, it appeared that this KDrama would crash and burn completely. Fortunately, some pretty random fantasy rescued it during the last few minutes. Finished on Netflix 23 Oct 2020.
  48. Never Die =그녀는 200살. Watched all five short episodes in less than an hour. On DramaFever 17 Jul 2018
  49. Oh! My Lady = 오! 마이 레이디. A divorced Ahjumma convinces a rock singer to be in a musical.
  50. The Package =  더 패키지. Seven Koreans go on a package tour of France. 12 Episodes on DramaFever. Finished 18 Nov 2017.
  51. Page Turner = 페이지 터너.  Two pianists--a boy and a girl--compete ... and turn pages for each other. A high jumper helps them resolve their differences.
  52. Pasta =  파스타. After studying cooking in Italy, a new head chef at the Spera restaurant in Seoul turns the cooking staff upside down.
  53. Personal Taste = 개인의 취향. A straight guy poses as gay to rent a room from a famous architect's daughter. Tight, great resolution at the end. 16 Episodes (each episode about 65 minutes). DramaFever.
  54. Pinocchio = 피노키오. Fire chief's family is ruined because of dishonest news reporters bribed by woman who heads large corporation. Junior reporters expose the corruption.
  55. The Pirates = 해적: 바다로 간 산적 (movie). Dozed most of the way through this single episode.
  56. Plus Nine Boys = 아홉수 소년. Three brothers and an uncle (ages 9, 19, 29, 39) seek love. 14 episodes.
  57. Punch = 펀치. Corrupt prosecutors in the highest levels of government look like they will avoid justice ... until the last episode, when they all get what they deserved. 19 episodes.
  58. Reply 1997 = 응답하라 1997. At a recent high school reunion, former students reflect on their lives since 1997. Viki.com.
  59. Romance Is a Bonus Book = 로맨스는 별책부록. Some office romances in a smallish publishing company. One of the original employees of the company falls in love with a contract worker. Complex plot. Everything comes together in the last two episodes. Finished watching 17 Mar 2019.
  60. Rooftop Prince = 옥탑방 왕세자. A prince from the Joseon Era suddenly appears in a woman's rooftop apartment. Definitely my favorite. Ever [well, of the first five I saw]. Tight, intricate plot and screen writing. Fast start (episode 1); ends happily. 20 episodes. On DramaFever and Hulu.
  61. Scent of a Woman = 여인의 향기. A woman gets cancer and goes through her bucket list. Viki.com. Finished 14 Mar 2014.
  62. Search: WWW. Chronicles two competing search companies and relationships among their employees. Few of the personal relationship problems are resolved. I initially dropped this KDrama, but took it up again during a KDrama "dry spell." Finished 23 Nov 2019. 
  63. The Secret Life of My Secretary = 초면에 사랑합니다. A secretary pretends she is Veronica Park. I gave it three starts on the strength of the real Veronica Park. (If not for the real Veronica, this would have received only 2 stars.) Finished 24 Jul 2019 on Viki.
  64. She Was Pretty = 그녀는 예뻤다. Childhood lovers meet years later in The Most magazine's editorial office. Though he "didn't get the girl," the second lead ("TEN") definitely stole the show!
  65. Shining Inheritance = 찬란한 유산 aka Brilliant Legacy.  A father "dies," splitting up his family and leaving a daughter and autistic son to fend for themselves. Intrigue and fortune follow.
  66. Sly and Single Again = 앙큼한 돌싱녀. Could have been higher on the list if the ending had been more convincing. Na Ae Ra hasn't "figured things out" at the end--too argumentative. (Is this a Korean "thing"?) Watched last episode 18 Jul 2014.
  67. So I Married the Anti-fan =  그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다. A woman who dislikes a KPop singer is selected to spend time with the singer. They end up falling in love. The anti-fan was reasonably fun, but the second and third leads were mediocre. The script writing was less than stellar. Although the KDrama ended after 16 episodes, it really had no ending at all. Finished 22 June 2018 on Viki.
  68. Squad 38 = 38사기동대 (aka Task Force 38). Some con artists con rich tax evaders out of their tax money. Great at first; not quite as good toward the end.
  69. Startup = 스타트업. About software developers in the fictional Sandbox who try to succeed in startup(s). As a programmer myself who has worked for several startups, I was tempted to give it 5 stars. However, in reality, it is stretching to give it 4. Finished episode 16 on 31 Jul 2021. Netflix.
  70. Stove League = 스토브리그. A struggling last place pro baseball team hires a new general manager, who tries to reverse its fortunes. 17 episodes on Viki. Watched last episode 22 Feb 2020.
  71. Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) = 잉여공주. A mermaid becomes human for 100 days. If she fails to fall in love 100%, she will vanish and be gone forever. 10 episodes (reduced from 16 by management). The shortening was handled masterfully.
  72. Three Days = 쓰리 데이즈. First eight episodes were as exciting as Jason Bourne. The last eight episodes were lame and frustrating because of irrationally lax security and ignoring obvious solutions (like shooting the bad guys). Finished 27 Jun 2014.
  73. The Three Musketeers = 삼총사. Joseon crown prince and two friends are the Three Musketeers. They are joined by a fourth. 12 episodes in season 1.
  74. Tomorrow with You = 내일 그대와. A train wreck leads to marriage between a girl and a time travelling guy. They are fated to die together on a specific day in the future. Will it happen? (No spoilers, sorry). Watched last episode 25 Mar 2017.
  75. Train to Busan = 부산행. Korean Movie about zombies. Watched on Netflix 31 Mar 2017.
  76. Tree with Deep Roots = 뿌리깊은 나무.  Fictional account of the invention of the Korean writing system (Hangul) during the reign of King Sejong (who died in 1450). The events of this Kdrama followed the events of Three Flying Dragons. Watched last (24th) episode  22 Dec 2016.
  77. Twenty Five Twenty One = 스믈다섯스믈하나. A drama about fencing, news announcers, high schoolers and their relationships. Very engaging, excellent actors and acting. The ending was disappointing. This could have been a 5-star KDrama. 16 episodes on Netflix. Watched last episode 3 Apr 2022.
  78. 20th Century Boy and Girl = 20세기 소년소녀.  Three girls and a boy--friends since childhood--are now in their mid-30s. One girl is a famous movie star, another an airline stewardess, the third a lawyer. The boy is a CEO. The story of how they find love. Watched last (32nd 30-minute) episode 3 Apr 2018.
  79. Two Outs in the Ninth Inning =   9회말 2아웃. 30-year-old guy and gal, best friends since birth, finally decide they each other. Why didn't the girl accept the marriage proposal at end? Bad writing, I guess. Except for the lame ending, it could have been 5 stars. 16 episodes. SoompiTV
  80. W = 더블유.  A surgeon from the real world saves the life of her future husband who lives in the webtoon world. Watched last episode on Viki 14 Sep 2016.
  81. Who Are You? (2008) = 누구세요. Similar to 49 Days, a person who died has 49 days to clear up affairs before departing. Very engaging. Good chemistry, very satisfying ending. DramaFever. Finished 17 Feb 2014.
  82. Wind Bell = 풍겡. Web drama of ten 10-minute episodes about Daniel, a Korean who was adopted to the U.S. at age 10. He returns to Korea as a noted writer and meets a woman. They like each other. Watched in one sitting on 27 Jan 2019 on Viki. All right if you have nothing else to do.
  83. Finland Papa. Six episodes lasting total of three hours. A young woman looks for a job after her grandmother dies. She interviews at a cafe named Finland Papa. Who is "Papa"? Finished on 24 May 2023 on Viki.
  84. One Day Off. A Korean literature teacher escapes her ordinary days by visiting different places on Saturdays--her day off. Eight non-stressful episodes on Viki. Watched last episode 3 Jul 2024.

2 Star — Lacking

  1. Another Parting = 어떤 안녕.  An alien (not of this world) guy is assigned to spend a day on earth to find out why earthlings cry. He finds a woman who is about to commit suicide (and doesn't). She cries. Very short 5-episode (10 minutes each) Kdrama on YouTube. Watched all 5 episodes 10/16/2016.
  2. Because This Is My First Life = 이번 생은 처음이라. A lame version of "We Married as a Job." Finished 12/1/2017 on Viki. 16 episodes.
  3. Blade Man (Iron Man) = 아이언맨. Like the X-Men, Hong Bin sprouts sharp blades when he is angry and it rains. He falls for the kind Se Dong, who is nice to everyone. They fly away. 18 episodes (truncated from the originally planned 20 because of poor reception by Koreans). Light-hearted. Finished 13 Nov 2014.
  4. Boys over Flowers = 꽃보다 남자 (꽃보다男子). Interestingly enough, I watched the first 3-4 episodes several months ago (as my third Korean drama), and gave up. I was bored and couldn't deal with the rude interactions. After reading so many rave reviews of the series, I ventured back. Very engaging after episode 5. 25 episodes.
  5. Chief of Staff Season 1 = 보좌관. About the chief of staff of an aspiring assemblyman in the South Korean legislature. Promising and very interesting at first. Then, as the 10 episodes progressed, it grew steadily darker and worse as we watched the main character go to the dark side. Very disturbing. Finished on Netflix 13 July 2019.
  6. Doctor Stranger =  닥터 이방인.  Although Lee Jong Suk is one of my favorite actors of all kdrama time, it couldn't make up for the complete lack of reason in the script. Nothing that happened in this kdrama would have happened in the real world. I hope Lee Jong Suk finds another good kdrama sometime. Watched last episode 11 July 2014.
  7. Drama World. Outsiders (not of the "Drama World") step inside the fantasy of a KDrama series. The last 2 or more (of 10) episldes were definitely 5 stars. But the last two episodes can't make up for hos much I disliked the first episodes.
  8. Dream High = 드림하이. This was (barely) bearable through episode 9. In episode 10 the plot evaporated ... just like our interest evaporated. Watche episode 10 on 2/27/2015.
  9. Full House = 풀하우스. When a girl goes on vacation, "friends" sell her house. Stupid. The 16 episodes could have been condensed into one. The same thing happened over and over again in each episode. I couldn't help but feel that they shot a bunch of scenes in a handful of locations, then strung together 16 episodes worth.
  10. Going by the Book = 바르게 살자 (movie).  A series of bank robberies panics the townspeople. They demand action from the new police chief. (Comedy.)
  11. He Who Can't Marry = 결혼 못하는 남자.  An 40-year-old loner who is an architect and a 40-year-old female physician try to fall in love for 16 episodes. Finally--at the end of the 16th episode--it seems like they MIGHT have married? Actually, the architect is a mentally ill jerk. Any marriage would be short-lived. Finished 24 Apr 2016.
  12. Heirs = 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들. A bunch of rich kids attend a high school for rich kids. Not all it was hyped to be. 20 episodes.
  13. Jeju Island Gatsby (Warm and Cozy) =  맨도롱 또똣. Initially gave up on this one, but returned and gave it a second chance. A girl goes to Jeju Island for a fresh start, runs into her first love who runs a little-known restaurant. The two renew their friendship. Several other side boy-girl relationships. No violence. DramaFever
  14. The K2 = 더 케이투. Great acting by many actors, including the star of Healer. Great ending. Slow middle. High action adventure.
  15. King's Face = 왕의 얼. Historical drama. Almost quit watching it after 17 episodes. Fortunately resumed after 2-3 week hiatus. Watched 23rd (final) episode 7 Feb 2015.
  16. Kkondae Intern aka Old School Intern = 꼰대 인턴. A department manager for one ramen company badly mistreats a young intern, forcing him to leave. A few years later the department manager loses his job and, as an older man becomes an intern working for a the intern he had mistreted, who has now become a manager. It had some wonderful episodes in the middle of its 4 episodes, but the last part of the drama completely lost direction and fell apart. Watched final episode 10 Aug 2020.
  17. Lie to Me = 내게 거짓말을 해봐. A girl gets a rich bachelor to lie that he's married to her. Wildly entertaining through the ending of episode 14--this looked like 5+ star material. It completely lost momentum during the last two episodes [sigh]. DramaFever.
  18. Mister Zoo (motion picture). A detective can talk to animals. He is supposed to get the panda back. (The Panda is really a human or two in a Panda suit.) On Viki, 29 Nov 2020.
  19. My Secret Hotel = 마이 사크릿 호텔. A marriage is interrupted when a corpse falls through a light fixture. One-sided love polygons, inability to communicate, and other weaknesses are finally resolved during the last two minutes of the final (20th) episode. Finished 14 Oct 2014.
  20. The Prime Minister and I = 총리와 나. A girl pretends (?) to marry a candidate for Korea's prime minister. Superb acting by the two main characters. Great until last episode. The final episode was a dud. (With a better ending, this could have been 5 stars.)
  21. Shopping King Louie = 쇼핑왕 루이. At first looked like maybe a 5? Then downhill from there (especially the last 8 episodes). A Chaebol son loses his memory.  He's a great shopper. Finished 11 Nov 2016.
  22. Space Sweepers. Motion picture on Netflix. Set in the late 21st century, when there is so much garbage in space that it requires space travelers to go clean up the mess.
  23. Spark = 스파크. The lead singer of a kpop group and one of his female admirers are in close proximity when a celestial light (shooting star?) strikes them. Whenever he touches something metallic (and grounded?), he emits sparks and is shocked. He discovers that if he touches the female admirer, he doesn't get shocked. 12 very short episodes (between 10 and 15 minutes, generally) on Viki. Watched last episode 16 Mar 2020.
  24. Take Care of the Young Lady a.k.a. My Fair Lady = 아가씨를 부탁해. Father of a rich heiress hires a gangster to control his daughter. Great acting. Engaging throughout. 16 episodes. Finished 4 Nov 2013.
  25. Thirty But Seventeen = 서른이지만 열일곱입니다. A promising 17-year-old violinist is in a bus accident. She is in a coma for 13 years, waking up at age 30, but still feeling like she is 17 years old. It is mostly melancholy (even lugubrious?) throughout. Became tiring. Watched last episode 21 Sep 2018, on DramaFever.
  26. Thumping Spike = 두근두근 스파이.  After a wildly popular volleyball star injures her foot (ankle?), she decides to coach the last-place high school volleyball team. The team wins first place. On DramaFever. 20 "web drama" (i.e. short) episodes.
  27. Twenty Again = 두번째 스무살.  Unhappily married for 20 years, a 38-year-old woman rediscovers her first love, whom she had left 20 years before. 16 episodes. It was disastrous episode 15 and the subsequent unconvincing final episode that resulted in 2 stars. It could have easily been 4 otherwise.
  28. What's Up! = 왓츠업. A pick-pocket, a masked singer-idol, a singer who can't sing in front of people, a drunk professor, and others attend a musical arts university. DramaFever. 20 episodes. Finished 6 May 2015.
  29. When a Man Loves = 남자가 사랑할 때. Abandoned by their mother, two brothers are left to fend for themselves. Loan sharks befriend the older brother, Han Tae Sang. When extorting money from a bookstore owner,  Tae Sang falls in love with the owner's daughter, Seo Mi Do. Tae Sang becomes CEO of a large company. Many love triangles, reuniting of families, etc. Great plot. Finished 25 Nov 2014.
  30. You're Beautiful = 미남이시네요. A nun joins a rock band. Improves as it progresses. Nice ending. 16 episodes. On DramaFever and NetFlix.

1 Star — Not Good

  1. Her Private Life = 그녀의 사생활. Well-known actors in what started as a promising KDrama about a secret fangirl of a Kpop star. The writer ran out of ideas half through. It ended up with seemingly endless episodes about childhood pseudo-tragedies. I almost gave it zero stars, but decided to give a generous half star. Finished 2 Jul 2019 on Viki
  2. Playful Kiss = 장난스런 키스. Amateur hour. Acting is terrible; story is terrible; boring, a waste of time.
  3. Midnight Runners. Feature movie viewed 2 March 2018 on DramaFever.
  4. Delivery Man. Should have been called Ghost Taxi. Full of plot holes. Finished 7 April 2023 on Viki.

0 Stars — Why did I bother to finish this?

  1. Hi Bye, Mama = 하이바이, 마마. A pregnant mama has an accident. She dies; her baby daughter survives. The mama follows her daughter as a ghost for five years, visible to the daughter. Finally the mama comes back for 49 days. The mama lies to everyone about why she is here. Half of the screen time is devoted to crying. Most of the rest is saying 죄송합니다 or 밍안해 ("I'm sorry")—it got old really fast. No one ever gave a straight answer. A lugubrious waste of time. Finished 6 Sep 2020 on Netflix.