Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rooftop Prince: Best Korean Drama. Ever.

We finished the last two (of twenty) episodes of "Rooftop Prince" last night on HuluPlus. (Yeah, I know everyone hates HuluPlus--so do I--but "Rooftop Prince" was highly recommended.) I wasn't disappointed.

I couldn't sleep last night after watching this one, so I awoke and wrote a rambly post, which I just deleted.

Here's an abbreviated post, using bullets:
  • It's fast moving (from episode 1 through 20)
  • The main actors have "chemistry"
  • The plot is very tight--no loose ends
  • The comedy is "just right"
  • It has magical elements like reincarnation, appearing and disappearing, time travel.
  • Most of all, it resolved without any of our favorite players dying.
That's it. Go watch it!
I'm suffering major withdrawals at the moment.