Friday, March 8, 2019

Blog Renamed

This week I changed the name of this blog from kdrama-fever to cjkdramas. Why, you might ask?
  1. The original name was a play on DramaFever, at one time my favorite KDrama streaming service. (DramaFever suffered an ignominious death this past year.)
  2. My interest in Asian dramas has expanded to include Japanese and Chinese dramas. Hence the letters CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
As part of the rename, I decided to move some pages from my personal web site to this one. Thus you will find pages on the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas that I have watched (or attempted to watch).

Because of the sheer number of Korean dramas I've watched, I have separated the KDramas that I have disliked into a "Rejects" page. I also list those that I have watched from start to finish on two different pages: one that lists them in the order I watched them, and one that ranks them from most liked to least liked.

I also renamed the @KDrama_fever Twitter handle to @CJKDramas. I use Twitter to help keep track of which episode(s) I will watch today.

As they say in Korea: "Fighting!" (파이팅!).