Sunday, August 23, 2015

Korean Drama Update

Next month marks 2 1/2 years since I watched the first episode of a Korean Drama with my wife. Amazingly, we still like (some of) them. You can see our favorites near the top of my Korean Drama page.

When we started, we watched every episode of each KDrama we started. During the past year we've watched only a few episodes of an increasing number of dramas. (For a list of those series, scroll to the bottom of the KDrama page mentioned above.) Is it because we're raising our personal standards? ... or is it because the KDramas aren't as good as they used to be? ... Maybe a little of both. (Who knows?)

A few times we've "marathoned" a series or two. For a few weeks in the recent past we couldn't find any KDramas that kept our interest for more than a handful of episodes. Then (again, more recently) we've seen a small handful that were exceptionally good.

We watch most KDramas on our iPad's DramaFever app. We connect the iPad to our Apple TV using AirPlay. The Apple TV connects to a projector mounted on the ceiling, which projects the video onto the wall. Audio goes from the Apple TV to an amplifier, then to large speakers "inherited" from my oldest son when he left for the army.

I think we've been to a movie theater (maybe) once during the past 2 1/2 years ... and we didn't really like the movie we saw. (In fact, I don't recall what that movie would have been ...)

We don't watch network television at all (and haven't watched cable TV in some 23 years)--it just isn't interesting.

A few KDramas aren't available on DramaFever. We watch those on Viki. Soompi TV was a favorite source of KDramas for a short time, but we unsubscribed from their service a few months ago (after realizing that we hadn't used it "for months"). Last week I read that Viki had purchased Soompi. 

Recent news of military troubles between North and South Korea is troubling. I hope they are able to work out their differences!

That's about it. Back to bed.