Tuesday, December 30, 2014

KDrama Marathon

I've been able to control my enjoyment of Korean Dramas for over 1 1/2 years, averaging one episode per day, except for an occasional two episodes (and a rare three episodes) on weekends.

Well, that changed over this year's Christmas/New Year's holiday. During the past three days I've watched the first 16 episodes of Iris (아이리스): 5 episodes on Saturday, 4 on Sunday, then 7 yesterday (Monday).

I'm not sure whether or not that's considering "marathoning." I've stumbled across SO MANY great Korean Dramas lately. I have given up American TV and movies completely; it's great to be able to fill that void. (The only American TV I've watched in, say, the past 20+ years has been an occasional clip on an airline flight, when bored or half asleep. It's been at least two years since watching an American feature-length film.)

The recent Misaeng (아이리스) was so creative, and I'm currently enjoying Healer, Pinocchio, and King's Face. (I'll probably wait for the last four episodes of Iris in order to catch up with the three last-mentioned KDramas.)

Thank you, South Korea, for letting me get to know you (and your Asian neighbors) through your TV dramas!