Thursday, September 1, 2016

100 Korean Dramas, Start to Finish

Yesterday evening we finished watching "Lets Fight Ghost"—our 100th Korean Drama to watch in its entirety (generally 16 episodes or more).

Since watching our first episode of our first KDrama, "Secret Garden," on March 15, 2013, we've avoided many KDramas that didn't sound interesting. We've abandoned some 41 after just a few episodes. In general, however, these are <em>so much better</em> than American television (which we abandoned over 10 years ago).

We've finished a handful of Japanese dramas—two or three of them were exceptionally good. (We've also abandoned some.)

As for Chinese dramas? Well, we've yet to finish the first episode of any that we have tried. Hopefully we will (one day) find one that we actually like. (It would be <em>so nice</em> to be able to practice the Mandarin I've been learning on Pimsleur by watching Chinese dramas.)

That's about it. Its time to watch episode 12 of "W" (which will likely be our 101st KDrama—and one of the best)!