Saturday, March 15, 2014

Korean Drama and the Ides of March

It was exactly one year ago today--March 15, 2013--that we watched episode 1 our first Korean Drama, "Secret Garden."

During the past year we have rarely (if ever) missed a day when we didn't watch at least one episode of some KDrama. We have watched 38 from start to finish, and are currently over half-way finished with our 39th. (Click this blog's Korean Drama tab to see what we've watched-ranked from most to least favorite.)

Our television viewing habits have changed markedly during past year. I can count on one hand the number of times we've watched anything except a special broadcast on TV.

Our movie viewing habits have also changed. The only movie I recall watching is the second Hobbit movie. American movies just aren't as well done as Korean television dramas.

As a result of watching Korean Dramas, we have purchased the first and second Pimsleur Korean language study CD sets. I should finish the second set this year (then review from Korean I lesson 1 through Korean II lesson 30). We've reached the point where we can understand some of what is said without the subtitles.

I've also read two Korean language learning books from cover to cover, and started a third one two days ago.

I've yet to see a Korean movie that I like. (What we've been watching this past year are the TV dramas that are broadcast in Korea during the week. A typical KDrama has 16 episodes lasting about 65 minutes each.

If you want to give it a try, see the Korean Drama tab on this site.

(My two favorite places to watch KDramas are at and